Scenario Planning Institute

Organizations are struggling with complex dilemmas that require strategic thinking. With your generous support, the Scenario Planning Institute can deliver critical insights to a variety of organizations struggling to navigate a turbulent and uncertain environment. We are very grateful for support from individuals and organizations. Tax deductible donations, large or small, help us make a difference, and are directed to the following activities:

  1. Interdisciplinary strategic thinking about complex global issues
  2. Research working groups engaging scholars and practitioners
  3. Assistantships for graduate students focusing on scenario research
  4. Public lectures by scenario experts
  5. Open Forums on scenario topics
  6. Outreach and service to deserving community agencies
  7. Fellowships for scenario practitioners and scholars

Small donations can go toward supporting the any of these important activities. Donations large enough to support an activity in full will carry the donor's name (e.g. John Smith Scenario Lecture Series; Johnson Laboratory Scenario Research Assistantship)

To inquire further about supporting the Scenario Planning Institute, please contact:
Thomas J. Chermack